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1. If you've run out of topics to write about, I recommend that you interview other people who've got great information to share. You can record your conversation and offer it to your blog as streaming audio. The key here is asking the most appropriate questions so you can easily squeeze out the type of information that your target readers will find interesting.

2. Use visuals. You are free to include any type of visuals on your blog articles. You can use statistics, images, and illustrations. You may even insert videos that are relevant to your blog's theme.

3. Keep your blogs short. Learn how to create short articles that are very tight. These are the types of articles that contain few words, they have enough information to fully educate your readers. Your blog post must not run more than 600 words. More than that is too much for online users who are known to have a very short attention span.

4. Insert links. Use your blog articles to drive people to your business website. This will help in improving your page ranking and in increasing the number of your sales leads. I recommend that you use anchor texts that are made up of keywords that your audience can easily identify with.

5. Offer useful content. If you want your visitors to keep on coming back, you've got to make sure that all your blog articles are worthwhile. They must contain data or tips that your readers can actually use in achieving their goals or in improving the quality of their lives. If you're successful in bringing positive change to the lives of your readers, you can be assured that you'll win their business in no time.

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