Google AdSense Secret

Registering at Google AdSense program is to simply process to describe here therefore I don`t write about this. I assume that you know Google AdSense and how it works. The major thing to have success with Google AdSense is choose one thing, remember it because this is one of the most valuable info about the Google AdSense earnings.


That is the keyword for anyone who thinking earn something on this program.

You should choose proper NICHE on the market at the beginning. Why - I will describe in the few next sentences (:

The first steps you should takes are finding a place where you can purchase a list of top paying AdSense keywords, there are many places to get them I list one at the end of this article. You should pick keywords range wich gives between 1-5$ per clicks in AdWords program, why AdWords, because this what we can earn on Ads in AdSense program depending on AdWords costs (: simple.

Why I didn`t tell you to choose higher paid keywords ?

The answer is very simple, if more expensive is keyword the competition is higher in Google serps, that for you need to choose the keywords from the middle if you know what I mean. You will spend much less time to promote your keyword.

If you have your list of 1-5$ keywords next step is use some tool which shows you list of niche keywords for your main keyword, there are many tools like this, but best one has Google

Use this tool , sort results and pick 30-50 keywords from the middle of the results relate to your main keyword.

The next thing you do is build up the website which will contains very relative content to the NICHE keywords you chose from the list from AdWords Keyword Tool.

You should create one subpage per one NICHE keyword, and repeat the process since your list of NICHE keywords will empty. But remember, the content should has some value for readers, just create them by hand, and make them readable by human (:

Of course when you will create the content for your site you should too promote the NICHE keywords and your subpages in search engines, build some backlinks.

After 2-3 months you will have some traffic on your website, very targeted traffic - that is the most valuable thing you can imagine because even you will have only 100 visitors per day, your traffic will be targeted, and many of the visitors will click your Ads which can gives you 1-5$ each !

Of course this process needs some effort, but within 3 months you have a working solution to earn 10-50$ daily!

What next ?

Multiple this solution to 10, 100, 1000, 10000 websites and earn true money! This is working solution, I've multiplying all the time and it works absolutely great for me. If this information was helpful for you just link to this article. You can use some content of this in other places, blogs etc. but please put the link to it on them. - best for AdSense
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Google AdSense Secret


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